Tuesday, 16 August 2011


1. Brevity can be a virtue and indicative of wisdom if analysis is confined to the substantive art of 'cowing' (cows produce milk), not vacuous 'bull-s-ing' (bulls can be sterile).

2. Technology and hard sciences lend themselves to brevity; social sciences & humanities generally speaking do not.

3. Science and technology models are in tune with market economy, politics, & military, all predisposed to bottom-line catch-phrases - conquer markets, win votes, defeat the enemy.

4. Enlightenment era thinkers implored people to think for themselves, whereas contemporary culture teaches people to have everything handed to them on a fast-food disposable platter. This is best suited for military, corporate world and governments.

5. Contemporary fast-food, disposal-products culture is conditioned by marketing ideology shaped by TV-WEB-VIDEOS.

6. Within the fast-food, disposal culture, Cliff Notes, 'Idiots & Dummies guides to...', reflect: A) one-dimensional (memorizing) aspect of scholarship & B) proclivity to synopsis characteristic of TV-WEB-VIDEO mindset.

7. Short attention span is the product of education as commercial sports & entertainment, fast-food, disposal products culture shaped by virtual reality TV-WEB-VIDEO way of life.

8. Scholarly book and journal publishers set word-count limits to limit costs, whereas commercial books and magazines set word count limits to maximize profit and because they have conditioned the audience to respond to nothing beyond the catchy headlines.

9.  Fast food culture is reflected in 'fast food political analysis' uniquely characterized by shallowness and serving a purpose - invariably eulogizing the institutional structure; 'fast food-thinking politicians' who will frame issues in a way to appease the voters, although in substance there is a huge gap between hollow 'fast-food rhetoric' and the politician's voting record; and fast food thinking journalists who talk in sound bytes with catch phrases enough to convince people that the the gist of the story, and nothing much more matters. All three of the above-mentioned categories indoctrinate the masses into accepting the fast-food culture of disposal analysis of significant social, economic and political issues that shape society. 

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