Friday 10 May 2024

Exploring Institutional Racism in Liberal-Pluralistic Societies


Exploring Institutional Racism in Liberal-Pluralistic Societies

Friday 3 May 2024

Collectivism versus Individualism in the Neoliberal Era

  Collectivism is an ideology that focuses on the collective interests of people within a community while individualism is focused on a single person's interests and rights. In collectivism, a community lives together and works to support each other but individualism's thought process focuses on people preferring to lead an independent life instead of assuming responsibilities, as in a traditional family system. Which system is suitable for human beings? And how neoliberalism has affected collectivism and individualism in today's world?

Monday 29 April 2024

Saturday 27 April 2024

Twilight of West and Asian World Order (Part 1): Introduction to Pre-Cold War World Order Models


Twilight of West and Asian World Order (Part 1): Introduction to Pre-Cold War World Order Models


 One reason that Western banks and their lawyers lobbied Western governments not to engage in seizure of Russia assets is precisely because there is a great deal of Western capital in Russia and there is no end to this merry-go-round nonsense that the US has started in order to 'punish Russia' whose GDP this year will actually be at least half-a-percent higher than that of the US, according to the latest IMF projections.

Russia's entire economy is well integrated with the capitalist world economy and playing idiotic games with seizure of assets is a downward spiral. I am amazed that US lawyers at the Justice Department did not prevail in an administration whose foreign policy, as judged by results, so far is the worst of any president in postwar history, dragging down the US and world economy, as the latest US report shows on the new stagflation projections.

The US needs to focus on using the State Department to conduct diplomacy, as its mandate calls for, not as an extension of the Defense Department and the small circle of billionaire-supported neoconservative ideologues whose policy advice has sunk the country into domestic and international chaos without any prospect for resolving conflict through diplomacy.

The time has come to hire some professional foreign service people able to make clear-eyed rational and realistic decisions about the US role in the world, as current US economic and military power permit, and in relationship to both allies and rivals alike. The cowboy mentality that has prevailed in the White House and the halls of Congress has resulted in a $35 trillion public debt, rising social inequality, political polarization, and alienation from the vast majority of the world. Even if America's worst enemy were giving advice, this sort of chaotic mess would not take place, but the geniuses surrounding Biden have indeed managed to accomplish some nightmare scenarios in American foreign policy with very serious consequences at home.




More than two years of Russia’s war in Ukraine, and no global popular opposition, despite governments welcoming such protests and media constantly propagating against Russia. After all, much of the world was heavily indoctrinated to vilify Russia since the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), while Israel has enjoyed a rather favorable treatment since 1948, especially by the Western World.

One reason could be that the Russia-Ukraine war is a conventional conflict with US-led NATO behind Ukraine and Russia on the other. Another reason could be that the war in Ukraine is about the regional balance of power, and by extension a continuation of the old Cold War EAST-WEST rivalry. The rivals have been trying to settle zones of influence between NATO and Russia which NATO wants contained militarily and regimented, given that China is behind Russia.

Another reason could be that Russia has not targeted children and civilians, despite some civilian casualties including children. After a tw-year conventional war, it is estimated that 10,582 civilians killed, including 587 children. The majority have been killed by explosive weapons with wide area effects, and by mines and explosive remnants.

By contrast, Israel’s war between a conventional military and civilians in GAZA. In just six months, more than 42,000 civilians have been killed, with more than 14,000 children, while all of GAZA is demolished and waiting for reconstruction for which Israel fully expects the West and Arab nations to pay although it has also stated the region will be settled by Israelis.  

The ICJ has rendered a decision on Israeli genocide. No such decision has been handed down against Russia, despite efforts by the US and the West. While the overwhelming majority of governments in the world are on Russia’s side, the opposite holds true for Israel. While there have been no mass college student-faculty protests against Russia, or any other popular protests, the same is not true for Israel.

One could argue that the Western World is antisemitic and pro-Russian, except that public opinion polls do not support such a hypothesis, especially when considering that Jewish organizations and individuals have joined mass protests against Western-backed Israeli genocide. Could one reason for the anti-Zionist protests possibly be that the protesters identify Zionism with Western militarism and fault it as much for is taking place in Ukraine as in ISRAEL? Or, do the anti-war protesters express societal desire for peace and diplomatic solutions? Perhaps another reason could be that the mass protesters see on the part of Israel the glaring absence of observance of international law, human rights, and social justice, while they do not see the same for Russia which is hardly a favorite country for the West.